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300 Yard Rifle Line To Be Reopened May 25.

Rich Dunn | Published on 5/24/2024
After having been shutdown for the past four weeks, the 300 yard rifle line is back open for business starting on Saturday, May 25th.

Chief Safety Officer Jay Rose has released the line for provisional operational use of shooting only paper targets until ceiling hooks have been installed which will allow for steel targets to be hung from. That installation is expected to be completed in the week to come. Members are requested to not install their own ceiling hooks. If more or different hooks are needed, please contact the CSO.

The new backstop was designed by member Steve Swift (#007) in collaboration with CSO Jay Rose, member Kevin Perry, and Work Coordinator Rich Dunn.  The new design uses approximately thirty percent fewer railroad ties than the currently employed design and they are pinned with a combination of 1/2” and 3/4” rebar pieces driven into place with the aid of a Hilti SDS driver.

The backstop build was completed by a team of thirteen members on the May 18 workday

Due to very soft grounds from the recent rains, members who may drive down to the 300 yard backstop are requested to park on the turf while changing targets to minimize rutting of the soil surfaces.